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September 18, 2012


Sandra Bishop

How Do You Persevere?

Last week we were flooded with stories of remembrance. I keep thinking about an article I happened to stumble on from The Destin Log about Bob Horner of Destin, Florida who began what has now become his way, each year, to pay tribute to the heroes of 9-11.

In 2002, on the first anniversary, “The Piper of the Sand,” stopped to play his bagpipes at locations where he saw that flags had been lowered to the half-staff position. By 2006, Sept. 11 had been declared “Patriots’ Day” and the observance of lowering the flag had become commonplace. Bob didn’t have to search as hard for places to play his new tune “Perseverance” – the one he had written a year earlier in response to the courage of people who stepped in to help after Katrina.

Photo credit: Kathy Harrison, The Log

I wonder what people must have thought about Bob’s efforts at first. What did they say about this kilted fellow who kept at it for years, rain or shine, looking for places to blow his pipes in tribute? I’ll bet he didn’t care what they thought. I’ll bet he did it because it was the thing he had to offer. His way to honor and inspire perseverance. Truth be told,  I’ll bet he didn’t care whether folks showed up to support him or not. in the end though, they did.

Last Tuesday, Bob was a featured guest at over a dozen locations around Destin where he was invited to blow his pipes and play his tune.  From sunup to sundown, Bob paid tribute to those who persevered on 9-11. To those who refused to give up, some to the point of giving their lives.

How about you? How do you keep going when it seems like no one is watching or listening, and you wonder if anyone cares? When you worry about what others think of your writing efforts, how do you persevere? What, specifically, keeps you playing your tune?

btw, no article byline was provided or I would have noted it. Thanks Destin Log, for the inspiring story.

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