Chip MacGregor

January 21, 2016

Where I’m going to be…


I frequently get writers sending me notes to ask where I’m going to be — which conferences I’ll be at, what industry meetings I might attend. So I thought I’d let people know where I’m going to be, and if you’re in the area, you can say hello.


This weekend, January 22-23, I’m in San Diego, for the 32nd Annual SDSU Writers Conference, talking to authors and teaching a workshop on creating strong non-fiction book proposals. It’s a great lineup, with editors from Hachette, Kensington, St Martins, Tor, Morrow, and other houses, plus a long list of agents. This is always a good conference, with lots of face-time with experienced people, excellent workshops, some nice mixers — and they still have room, if you want to attend!

On Saturday, January 30, I’m in Portland, for the Write to Publish gathering with the folks at Ooligan Press. This takes place at Portland State University (I’m an alum), and they always have an eclectic gathering of writers and industry people. This year’s workshops include Writing for Comic Books, Working with Freelance Editors, Intellectual Property Rights, and The Future of Writing.

On Saturday, February 20, I’m on the Oregon coast, doing a half-day workshop on Creating Great Book Proposals at the Hoffman Center in Manzanita. Every month they bring in great writers to speak, and this day they’re hosting Ellen Urbani, author of Landfall (of which novelist Fanny Flagg says, “Ellen Urbani has written an amazing and original piece of literature. If you love family sagas characterized by women holding the generations together via a magical combination of grit and grace, you will love this haunting book!”). I’m teaching in the morning, and Ellen is doing a workshop on creating personal narratives in the afternoon.

On Saturday, March 19, I’m in Omaha, doing an all-day seminar on Creating the Perfect Book Proposal for the Nebraska Writers Guild. This is my favorite thing to teach, so it should be a lot of fun. They’re also bringing in some other agents and writing coaches to do a “Pitchapalooza” the night before — sort of an “American Idol” for writers. A cool idea! If you’re anywhere near, and have been trying to figure out how to get your book proposal over the top, I’d love to have you join us.

On Saturday, April 16, I’m actually back in Omaha, meeting with writers and helping them get introduced to the broader publishing community. I’ll be giving a talk on how to research and work with a literary agent in the new world of publishing, and joining with another agent for their “Pitchapalooza.”

In May, I’ll be at BEA in Chicago, and joining with a bunch of other agents to help with the 2016 Chicago Writing Workshop at the OMNI Hotel on Saturday, May 14. The focus is on “How to Get Published,” and they always try to make sure every participant hears some solid information, is allowed to ask questions, and gets some face-time with an agent.

As you can see, once each month I try to get out there and meet writers, so I hope you and I can cross paths sometime this year. When I was new to the industry, I had people who were very good to me, and invested their time trying to help me succeed. My goal is to do the same for others, so let me know if you’re going to be at one of these and we’ll make sure to shake hands and say hello.

-Chip MacGregor

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