Chip MacGregor

August 13, 2014

Your last chance to join us!


On SUNDAY, August 24, we’re going to host the MacGregor Marketing Seminar, a LIVE version of Amanda’s wonderful Thursday marketing blog, set into a seminar format. Amanda and I will be in Nashville, in a conference room at the Airport Embassy Suites, from 9 to 4, talking with authors about how to create a marketing plan for their books. We’re about ready to create the list of participants, so this is your last chance to join us. Here’s what the outline for our day looks like:

— The New World of Author Marketing — What’s Working (and not working) in Today’s Market
— Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Novel or Nonfiction Book
— Maximizing Your Marketing Reach
— Finding Your Audience and Reaching Your Readers
— Building Your Author Platform (we are bringing in a specialist to offer some advice and direction)
— Choosing the Tools You’ll Use to Promote Your Book
— Getting Recognized in Today’s Market
— The Traditional Marketer, the Freelance Marketer, and the Indie Marketer

We’ll also get into a bunch of discussions on related topics — one of the most fun aspects of doing this type of seminar is the chance to talk with other authors who are going through the marketing process. But that’s our basic outline for the day, and again, we’d love to have you join us.

The cost is just $149 for the entire day. The focus of this day will be on doing something PRACTICAL — not on theory or on promoting a product. We won’t be trying to sell you products or introduce you to some more expensive seminar. Instead, we just wanted to get authors together and have time to explore how a writer can create his or her own marketing plan by focusing on ideas that actually work. I hope you’ll join us. Please let me know if you plan to come by RSVPing me. Thanks, and I hope to see you in Nashville on August 24.

-Chip MacGregor

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