Amanda Luedeke

April 10, 2013

Sign up for tonight’s FREE teleseminar with Michael Hyatt


Is it REALLY a good time to be in publishing?

Should I traditionally publish or do it myself?

What do I need to know to get started?


Get your publishing questions answered TONIGHT!

Just a reminder to sign up and join us (Chip & Amanda) and Michael Hyatt, bestselling author and former CEO of Thomas Nelson, for a complimentary LIVE teleseminar on Wednesday, April 10 at 8pm Eastern Time (7pm Central, 5pm Pacific).

The call will last about an hour. It’s free for all to join and there will be an MP3 recording / replay shared with all who register. Plus, when you register you will have the option to submit a question for us to answer

To register now, click here.

Lot’s of good information to be covered in the teleseminar. We hope you join us!



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  • Melissa D says:

    I signed up for the “replay only” option for the seminar because I wasn’t going to be able to attend. few days later I received an email from Michael Hyatt stating that I would be receiving the replay link in the next few days. However, I haven’t received it yet. I replied to the original email, but haven’t received a response. Can you help?

    • chipmacgregor says:

      You got it all straightened out and were able to participate, Melissa?

    • Melissa D says:

      Hi everyone. Thank you to those of you who
      joined us LIVE for the GET PUBLISHED teleseminar tonight. It was a blast.

      We hope you found value in what Michael and Amanda shared. Feel free to reply
      and let us know.

      Sometime tomorrow we will send you one more email that includes a replay link
      to the call recording that you can use, share, etc.

      Amanda, from MacGregor Literary, is also going to answer some of the questions
      that we could not get to tonight. She’ll do so on a special blog post that
      we’ll share as well.


      But I haven’t received the link they referred to in the email yet. It’s been about a week now, but maybe it hasn’t been sent out, yet?

      Does that make sense?


    • Melissa D says:

      Wow.. I don’t know what happened. I’m having all sorts of technical difficulties, apparently. I meant to sent the reply below with the following at the beginning:

      No, sorry if I wasn’t clear. When I signed up for it, the reservation
      form had the option for allowing me to receive the Replay link only.
      Since I knew I couldn’t attend, I chose that option. The day after the
      seminar, I received an email from Michael Hyatt. Here’s an excerpt:

    • Melissa D says:

      I know my last two posts were probably confusing. For some reason when I hit submit it only sent the 2nd half of the post. So I apologize for the confusion.

      I emailed Michael Hyatt again this morning to see if I can get the replay link.

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