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The Zombie Business Cure

Author : Julie Lellis & Melissa Eggleston

“The Best Business Book of 2017”

At least that’s what our agent said! Our practical book for businesses and other organizations will help you:

Discover the source of common communication mistakes that make you indistinguishable, haphazard, and confusing to audiences.
Prevent zombie-like behavior by tackling the five most common and damaging zombie traits.
Learn valuable tips you can start using immediately to improve your communication—and bottom line.
The best organizations are simply more like humans and less like zombies. Humans realize the importance of having a strong sense of self, maintaining a consistent message, and communicating effectively to build relationships.

The Zombie Business Cure is the antidote for lifeless communication that repels customers. By using the principles in this book, you’ll attract the right audiences and increase your success.

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